Pronouns Dressing Room is a site that allows you to test out names and pronouns using different templates and stories.

w3schools is a site that guides you through various ways to code such as css, html and javascript.

The DSM-5 is the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition. This is a downlodable PDF.

Toyhouse is a site where you can keep, sell and trade all your characters. As of right now, you need a key to get in, but you can look and ask around to see if someone can give you one!

Free Backgrounds is a site that has a bunch of tiled backgrounds, perfect for your sites!

GIFcities is a site that offers several GIFs and graphics.

Jan's Graphics is a site that provides several graphics such as stamps, blinkies, dolls, etc. is a carrd full of graphics and links to other helpful sites. is a carrd full of codes that you can use to add some more life to your sites!

Various Generators is a site that generates various worldbuilding elements such as character backgrounds, traits, religions, and more!


Picrew is a site that allows you to make your own dress-up games and play them! It's a lot of fun to use.


Ren'Py is a visual novel engine that allows you to make your own visual novels.

Quest is a software that you can make text adventure games with.

Emulator Games is a site full of ROMs for console games that you can download emulators to play!

Dolphin is a Gamecube and Wii emulator.


LPS Queen is a website where you can buy Littlest Pet Shop!